Black Magic Love Spells – Extremely Powerful But Dangerous

When it comes to black magic love spells there is 0 doubt that they can be extremely powerful and effective but what is often overlooked is just how dangerous they can be in the wrong hands and most importantly in the wrong circumstances. It’s easy to see why so many people would be lured to them but here at CHT have for almost a decade refused to engage in their use for several good reasons.

Unnatural Love is not really love

Often one of the first concerns people have about black magic is it’s tendency to “backfire” and while this is a legitimate concern it’s not our #1 reason for not using them, but rather the love that results from black magic spells can often feel very forced, robotic, and is very distant form the type of love most of us would like from our partner. Yes your partner will stick with you, yes they will say they love you, but they don’t know how or why. The fights and other relationship problems continue but yet they keep coming back and they themselves may tell you they don’t know why they keep coming back or “put up with” you and the relationship.

There is no passion, no romance, just mere proximity and the “relationship” label but it doesn’t really feel like a relationship, much less love. Very often when I’ve spoken with those who have used black magic they describe a great sense of regret that it’s not really what they envisioned it to be. Their partner feels more like a sibling or roommate rather than actual connection and everything about the relationship seems flat, dull, and in authentic. Many of us want love, but certainly not this type of love.

Black Magic Requires Great Power, From Powerful People

While not everyone who is able to cast a black magic spell is power hungry, there is a certain bias for power in the people who are able and willing to go to the great lengths in order to acquire the skills needed to perform it. As a result I think many would agree that when you use a black magic spell caster half of the time you’ll be dealing with a genuine person who wants to help you but the other half of the time you may be dealing with somebody who doesn’t have very pure intentions.

I want to stress that not all of those who cast black magic are bad but when you look at the overall numbers and experiences there seems to be a much higher risk to falling victim to somebody who will either ask for more than you’re willing to give or put their own demands and expectations for the “relationship” ahead of you needs and desires.

Far too often we’ve heard from people who were lured with many promises and yes even results but in order to maintain those results or avoid “punishment” the spell caster continued to ask for more and more favors which can include time, money, and even criminal and immoral acts against the person who first requested the spell. Sometimes they do it for personal or financial gain, other times they do it simply because they enjoy having complete control over another persons life.

Cast In The Wrong Hands It Can Bring Absolute Chaos

While those who are able to cast black magic spells correctly have immense power, in the wrong hands they can quickly turn a short term bad situation into life long chaos. The chaos isn’t just limited to a relationship either, it can “backfire” on your friends, family, career, and even health in ways that surprise and stun many spell casters who think they may have seen it all. Honestly more often than not when you hear about black magic “backfiring” it’s not a case of karma or evil spirits being given free reign but rather the result of a spell caster who is not very experienced with the darker arts and was unable to perform the spell correctly. Performed correctly black magic although very inauthentic and robotic, is extremely powerful with limited downsides.

But because black magic has it’s own allure of secrecy and requires a mix of tremendous practice, a good mentor, and the right balance of a person who is willing and able to walk the path wedged between “good” and “evil” it’s very rare that a person is able to master it. This results in many spell casters who say they can work with black magic but in reality even they fear it’s use and don’t have the ability to cast it correctly.

Throughout the years I have talked to only a handful of people out of hundreds who _did not_ have a terrible event unfold shortly after their use of black magic but even those who were lucky still regret the outcome from it’s use.

Free Will Is A Human Right

This sort of ties into #1 but when you think about it we humans are quite lucky to have been blessed with so much consciousness and while the debate over what free will really is you do have to appreciate that we live in largely free societies that allow us to be who and what we are without the interference from others. We are free to choose what we wear, say, do, and how we live. Black magic changes parts of this and not always in ways that are helpful. I know relationships can be difficult and losing a loved one feels like losing a part of yourself but as humans with limited time on this earth I think the grand goal we all share is to discover more about ourselves, each other, and the universe at large. Altering somebody’s free will goes against that and even if there was no force of karma in the universe I think the limitation of the human spirit would be enough of a deterrence in order to avoid using the darker arts of magic.