Can Love Spells Control Free Will?

One of the more common questions we get about love spells is if they can control or override another persons free will or decision making. The short¬†answer is that yes some black magic spells are able to control another persons free will but the long answer is no because eventually it wears off and the person regains control of their thoughts. Let’s start with the short answer of yes.

Despite what many claim, black magic does is exist and certain people do practice it but not very often and for good reasons. The biggest being is that it has ¬†very high chance of backfiring in undesirable ways on both the person who cast the spell and the person asked that the spell be cast. For example if you may want to bring back an ex lover but if you did something so horrible to them that they could never ever see themselves getting back together with you and you cast a black magic spell you can override their decision making in the short term but it won’t last. Eventually they’ll come to their senses and again remember why they hated and avoided you so much in the first place and be gone once again. That’s bad but it gets even worse because now comes the backfire.

You’ve used the dark arts which never had intents of love and peace but now that it’s done it’s “end of the deal” it’s going to want something in return and that something is usually your suffering. You may suddenly find yourself unable to maintain a relationship with anyone without it ending horribly or experience back luck in other aspects of your life. For this reason black magic is very rare and we strongly advise you to stay away from it.

With pure white magic you don’t have any of these negative affects, it’s pure loving forces that seek peace, joy, and unity. Everything that love should be and everything that you want a relationship to be about. White magic will never override another person’s free thinking but what it will do is let them focus on the positive aspects instead of the negative aspects and allow that person to see you in a whole new light.