How Long Does It Take For A Spell To Work?

One of the common misconceptions about love spells and really all spells in general is that they can work instantly the moment the spell is cast. While that would be ideal it’s not reality and there are several good reasons for this.¬†Even when a spell is cast the universe has many other tasks at hand, spells aren’t really about changing the physical world as much a they are about influencing it, there is a key difference.

For example with a find my soul mate spell the universe simply can’t deliver a complete stranger to your door who will say they are your soul mate and are here to marry you, there is a process that needs to be completed first.¬†Maybe there is somebody in your apartment building who would be a perfect match but you two have never met, that is until the mail man accidentally delivers the wrong package to your house, you open it up, and find your favorite book. Then you realize that the address is wrong so you deliver it to it’s intended recipient and mention that it’s your favorite. Suddenly you two find yourself in a deep conversation for 30 minutes where you two realize you’re a perfect match. That couldn’t happen overnight, your soul mate had to hear about the book, order it, have it delivered, and the mail man had to mix up the address in order for you to discover this compatible stranger that had been down the hall this entire time.

Another example would be with a get back an ex lover spell. Maybe you two have been together so long and through that time discovered yourselves and what you really want out of a life and in a partner that you don’t realize just how compatible you two are until after you start seeing other people. Your lover will go on date after date after date with different people only to realize he’s not attracted to or interested in any of them and that’s when they realize that you’re what’s missing in their life and no one else could possibly replace you. This couldn’t happen an instant either and it takes time for emotions, thoughts, and feelings to change.A love spell isn’t a light switch but rather a dial, it slowly turns and helps the universe align itself to help you and your lover.

So how long does it take for a love spells to work?

Generally speaking you can expect to see results within 1 week but it can take as long as 8 weeks and it’s very rare that it takes much longer than that. Close to 90% of people see the results within the first month after their spell is cast. So far the only exception to the 8 week period has been when traumatic or life changing events happen in your lovers life such as a great loss or a deep set back. In those cases the person who the spell was cast on might have changed their feelings towards you but they’re so busy and emotionally drained by whatever is going on that they simply don’t follow through with what their feeling and thinking.

In these cases you just have to let them work through whatever problems they’re having and be willing to wait patiently. If such an event occurs, we can re-cast your love spell as well as a “get over all problems” spell to help them move on with their life quicker, easier, and with less pain and suffering.