Is It Too Late To Get My Ex Back?

Nothing stings worse than lost love and a breakup can always be very difficult especially if you feel as though you missed your chance to help repair the relationship. A frequent question we get is if it’s ever too late to get back an ex lover and hopefully this post will give you some good guidance on timing.

The first thing you should realize is that everyone’s situation is different, it’s hard to give broad advice to such as sensitive topic but I’ll try my best to address it. Generally speaking it’s never to late too get back your ex as long as they haven’t moved on to another deep and meaningful relationship with another person. As we explained in the last post, white magic will never override a persons free will or make them do things they don’t want to do and if somebody has moved on then they have closed the door on your past relationship and are already experiencing love with another person.

The key here though is “another deep and meaningful relationship”, when we look at things on the surface it’s easy to think that every couple in the world has a perfect relationship if the only photos they post of themselves on facebook are them smiling and having a good time. Couples will be eager to show off their highlights and best moments, but would never dare share the moments where they are angry or screaming at each other at the top of their lungs. Sometimes couples really are on the brink of a breakup and they just simply don’t realize it yet or maybe one partner knows but hasn’t had the courage to end it yet either for for fear of being alone or for thinking that eventually time will fix whatever issues exist.

There have been many times where we have cast spells to return lovers who looked like they were in perfectly happy relationships and when they got back our clients said that their ex’s confessed they were never as happy with their new lovers as they were with our clients. Everyone wants to be happy, and being happy is a key part of love.

So to answer the question, no it’s never too late if you believe that your ex isn’t in as good of a relationship as yours was. But if they really are happy and have moved on then your chances of success are much lower. Usually the sooner after a breakup that you can cast a spell the better and faster it will work.