Love Spells Can Be Used By Anyone – How To Cast The Heart Association Spell

Many people understand that casting a love spell is not something that should be taken lightly but are in a situation where they are unable to find a service they are comfortable with, may be embarrassed and want to keep their relationship issues private, or are just looking to get started into this esoteric world and want to dip their toes in the water.

I and many others will always strongly suggest either going with an expert when it comes to casting spells or becoming an apprentice of the romantic arts but if you find yourself in a situation where you want to use love spells with minimal risk or are lacking in experience this article will show you a very safe spell that you can begin using immediately.

Let’s not waste any time and dive right in, below are the steps you will need to follow in order and below that is an explanation for those who may be new to this as to why this love spell works and is safe to use by nearly anyone.

Items needed to perform the spell:

  • The first and most important thing you will need is at least 1 hair strand from any either person involved in the spell, this is not exactly a voodoo spell but it does borrow from that realm and the physical DNA of at least 1 person is crucial.
  • A white piece of paper with a black circle on it, the circle can either be drawn on or printed by your computer. The size should be big enough that you can easily put the hair and at least 1 finger inside the circle at the same time.
  • A flame – Any flame will do, the easiest and most ideal form would probably be a candle but if you don’t have one on hand feel free to get creative just make sure you stay safe.

That’s it, those 3 simple things are all you need to get started. So now that we have everything, we can begin performing the spell.

How to perform it

The only thing that is important here is that you follow the spell in the proper order, there is no time constraint or special language you must use, what’s most important is your intent and you are free to substitute the words used based on what you feel most comfortable with.

Go ahead and light your flame source and keep it in a position where you can easily see it without having to move, set the white paper with the circle infront of you, and keep the hair strand nearby where you can easily reach it.

For the sake of example, I’m going to use the name “Dan” in these steps, but you should use the proper name of your spell’s target.

The 4 steps

  1. Place the strand of hair inside the circle, it’s okay if only part of it is inside and the rest is hanging on the outside, just get what you can inside the circle.
  2. Begin to look at your flame, after it is in focus and the center of your attention, then say the following: “I am now healing Dan’s heart of all negative emotions and energy” and repeat their name 5 times while looking at the flame.
  3. After you have repeated their name 5 times, look down at the white piece of paper with the hair strand and place at least 1 finger, or your entire hand if you’d like, into the circle
  4. Look into the circle and imagine and feel love between the 2, if you don’t have the most visual imagination it’s okay, just focus on the circle and send it loving and blissful energy.

You’re all done!

How And Why Does This Spell Help Your Relationship?

Now, you may be wondering how something so simple be so effective. Where is the magic? Well if you want the 1 sentence explanation here it is:

Magic is all about the ritual which as been encoded/witnessed by spirits/time/space/akashic records/energy (whatever concept you believe) and the intent that is delivered to that ritual. If you are of the persuasion that spirits are the ones carrying out the spells then they will see you perform the ritual, look at your energy and intent, and then go and apply it towards that direction (person) – no matter what that intent is.

The purpose of the hair strand is borrowed from what most people would recognize as voodoo magic but is something that is applicable to all forms of magic, it’s just that voodoo has simply made that practice of DNA material mainstream. What the hair strand allows for is a focus or direction of where to send that energy to. It can be done without it, but it requires a more enhanced imagination and generally speaking with casting love spells if you can use it, you often do rather than putting extra stress on your mind.

The flame has 2 very important roles, the first is to cleanse negative emotions and energies. This is crucial as a heart that is in pain cannot love and although the pain may have nothing to do with you in particular any emotional trauma must first be eliminated. This doesn’t just apply to the love aspect of this spell but everything in life and if you want to practice while doing some good just do steps 1 and 2 on people you know and care about to help them heal. Without the energy intent, only good can come of it even if you tried to mess up.

The circle represents both infinity, after all love is forever and ever lasting, and also unity. With other types of spells the circle is often used as a way to lock in association spells, here we can think of it as an association for the heart which is where the name “heart association” comes from.

The Longer And More Complex Explanation

It’s hard to know how much experience those who read this will have so we’ll have to start from square 1, if you have some experience you can probably skip this section but if you’re completely new it may serve you to read this section.

I won’t go into the full research, history, and yes, even science of love spells but simply put our existence can be split into 2 worlds, we have our physical world in which we live, see, and interact with very easily and without effort but we also have the spiritual world which is less quantifiable, more mysterious, and not so easy to grasp.

Throughout human history it’s gone through many names and concepts, such as religion, ego, identify of self, consciousness, and many older cultures and modern native peoples have had their own interesting theories. To this day, some of the brightest and staunchest skeptics have adopted the theory that human beings are nothing more than a computer simulation of a species far more advanced than us.

They have some strong arguments, and while many would (and have) argued their beliefs to the death a much easier and practical way to look at all of these differing opinions is that they could all be right.

There is a very interesting documentary by the BBC called “everything and nothing” that tackles this question, and in particular in part 2 titled “nothing” – we find that when scientists try their absolute hardest to create a void of absolutely nothing, they fail. electrons, the building blocks of atoms, and therefore everything, pop in and out of existence, almost as if by magic.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get into the super deep science stuff and you don’t have to either, but if you want a quick and concise introduction to field of quantum mechanics, here is a good video. Just don’t make the same mistake I did and let it send you on a 6 year journey of studying quantum science:

Ok so before we go way too off topic lets get back to the love spell, how does this apply?

Long story, curt short, and attempted to be made even shorter… The easiest, safest, and likely most effective spell an aspiring witch can cast is the heart association spell. It’s a very old and well-practiced spell, first introduced to western culture in the 17th century by a woman named Elizabeth R. Hamilton who although wasn’t a witch, did have an interest in the esoteric arts and learned of it through a local man who she never named, he learned of the spell through his contact with what Hamilton described as “non-villagers” – nobody knows exactly what she meant by that, it could have been rural people, a native population nearby or far away, or anything in-between.

The origin isn’t as important as the fact that’s a very easy love spell for anyone to cast and carries a low risk of error and mirrors what many people already do, positive thinking. The spell takes it a bit further than just thinking positively, it does mix in a bit of voodoo magic as it will require the hair (or other physical DNA) of at least 1 person involved in the spell.

And just a side note, since we briefly touched on it earlier, if you’ve ever been curious about voodoo magic it’s simple and has some recently discovered basis in physics with the infamous yogurt experiment, basically if you take the same culture of yogurt, split them up and put them in separate rooms and then feed the yogurt, the yogurt in the other room stops searching for food sources because it knows “it” has been fed.

The same principle applies to voodoo magic, which is why it requires the use of physical DNA.

In our love spell, the hair or DNA is where the spell’s energy should be directed at. Much like the science discovered in the yogurt experiment, humans have a permanent bond not only with others but with ourselves and wherever pieces of your DNA have been left or placed, they are picking up energy and intent. Even if you’re using your own hair strand, the love spell “knows” which 2 parties are the targets of the spell based on the hair and the repetition of the name. Since Everyone you come in contact with is for the lack of a better term “encoded” in your aura, it’s very easy for the spell to conclude who/what/where the spell is meant for especially with the energy intent pushing it.

This page is probably already long enough so for the sake of keeping things simple for those who wish to cast their first love spell I will cut it short here, but stay turned in the future we will be posting more advanced spells and offering further explanations that may perhaps change the way you look at things.